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Bloeiend Zijpe

Blossoming Zijpe

Blooming Zijpe

Bloeiend Zijpe is a fully volunteer organization and with more than 200 volunteers, the Zijpe polder is put on the map as the most beautiful bulb region in the Netherlands. Everywhere in the area the fields are colored red, yellow, purple and pink. In this way everyone can get acquainted with this in an accessible, pure way.

Bloeiend Zijpe is a spring event with one goal: to let everyone enjoy the beautiful colors and colorful flower fields in the Zijpe polder in the top of North Holland from very close by. It is a unique event in the middle of the colorful and blooming flower bulb fields. 

Program 2022
April 17 - Cycle route (with stages across the colorful fields!)
April 23 - Tulip Cross
April 24 - Walking tour (crisscrossing the flowering bulb fields!)

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Bloeiend Zijpe