Folklore in Schagen

Schagen is a provincial town that acquired its city rights in the 15th century. Schagen had already existed for 10 centuries. Now this town has grown into a mature place with a strong regional function. The Makado indoor shopping center attracts many people from the area to this city. The city is located on the old terpenland that Count Floris V had built within the West Frisian Omringdijk.

A piece of history

Schagen was once a Free Glory with a Lord at its head. The first lord was William of Bavaria. He made himself valuable by beautifying the village, by building and maintaining roads and avenues and by founding the Schager Slot.

The former life can still be found in Museum Farm Vreeburg, in the church on the Market and the facades around the Market. The church on the market (Dutch Reformed) is the second church on this site. The first was destroyed by fire in 1895. Much of Schagen's history was lost during this fire, including the tomb of the first Lord of Schagen. The new church was completed in 1897.

Get acquainted with West Frisian Folklore

In the summer months Schagen is devoted to West Frisian Folklore on 10 Thursdays with traditional clothing, customs and parades with historic carriages. At the same time, the weekly market takes place. Numerous activities take place in the many catering establishments around the market.

Folklore in Schagen