Park Campanula

For sale

For sale

Imagine your own chalet or mobile home near the beach. You can get away from it all whenever you want. Close to home and yet in the middle of nature in a wooded park. Buying a chalet may seem impossible, but in practice it is closer than you think. The range of chalets from Campanula park certainly includes your dream holiday chalet.

Buy chalet near the beach

When you decide to buy a chalet at Bungalow Park Campanula, you are opting for rest, relaxation and company for the whole family. The park has more than 125 annual pitches, each with a unique location. Surrounded by greenery and close to the beach, the ideal location for your own chalet and bungalow. 


Chalet Park Campanula is car-free. This means that, in principle, cars are always parked in the large parking lot and only enter the park when loading or unloading is required. This ensures that you can enjoy your holiday in peace. You will experience the ultimate holiday feeling in this way.


Mendoza 5 persons

  • Luxury chalet
  • Lot 120 and 224
  • 2 bedrooms
  • Ready to use and possibly furnished
  • Rental via GREAT Vakantiehuizen
  • Optional: garden house & terrace
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Available lots

  • Number 102 - Under option
  • Number 123 - Under option
  • Number 172 - Available
  • Nummer 176 - Under option

A chalet from the company Duntep can be placed here. We ask that you contact Duntep for more information. 

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