Park Campanula
Fietsen in Noord-Holland

Cycling in North Holland

Cycling in North Holland

We are also happy to give you tips about beautiful tours that you can cycle with the children or just the two of you. You can go in all directions from Bungalow Park Campanula. A bike ride through the dunes to beautiful Schoorl and Bergen or through the meadows to cozy Schagen. You will also cycle along the beautiful coast of the North Sea in the direction of Callantsoog.

Across from our reception is the bike rental.

Dune route

Beautiful cycling route from Campanula Bungalow Park through the dunes of Sint Maartenszee, via Petten to Camperduin, past Hargen and back.

Route: Sint Maartenszee – Caps – Camperduin – Hargen
Distance: 22 km
Time: 1 hour and 10 minutes



  • At our reception/bicycle rental, turn right onto Belkmerweg. Here you cycle until the intersection Belkmerweg-Zeeweg (point 38 on the map) and then turn left onto the Zeeweg, towards the dunes.
  • When you arrive at the roundabout in front of the dunes, take the second exit at the roundabout and cycle through the dunes. You cycle for about 650 meters and then take the first exit on your left.

TIP: cycle a bit to the beach of Sint Maartenszee and get a nice ice cream at Beach Pavilion New Zuid!

  • You will then cycle for approximately 2.2 km through the beautiful dune area. Continue until the road where you can turn right to the beach and left towards the village of Petten. Here you turn left and immediately take the next right.
  • Follow this road until the next intersection where you turn left and then right again onto Korfwaterweg. At the end of the Korfwaterweg keep right and cross the road over the Ingenieur van de Banstraat. You will cycle through the center of Petten via this road.
  • You then keep cycling straight on via the Zijperweg and keep right here towards the dunes.
  • You then cycle straight on towards the dunes and turn left at the point where you cannot go any further. Then you keep cycling straight on until the fork, here you keep to the right and you cycle up to the dunes.
  • Once on the dunes, turn left towards Camperduin. You will now cycle straight on this road for approximately 2.5 km.

TIP: when you have arrived at Camperduin it is definitely worth checking out the beach at the Lagune!!
Do you know: Did you know that a lagoon is a body of water between the beach and a beach wall?

  • At the end of this road, follow the bend out of the dunes. Then you cycle past the restaurant Strandpaviljoen STRUIN het ‘rode’ square on. Here you take the cycle path through the dunes in the direction of Hargerstrandweg.
  • First you cycle parallel to this road and then cross to the left at the first possibility. After crossing the road immediately turn right and follow the road.
  • You cycle on this road until point 20 on the map, after which you turn left into the Hargerzeeweg.
  • You cycle all the way out of the Hargerzeeweg, when you come to the intersection with the Heereweg, you also cycle straight on.

TIP: when you arrive at the intersection Hargerzeeweg-Heereweg, you can also turn left towards the restaurants De Bokkesprong or Duingroet. The food here is very tasty!!

  • After the village of Hargen you keep cycling straight on (past point 73 on the map).
  • At a certain point you cross the Pettemerweg, here you cross over the Belkmerweg and cycle for about 3.5 km until you arrive at Bungalow Park Campanula.