Park Campanula



For the most delicious coffee and other refreshments such as tea, soft drinks and small snacks, you can visit the cafeteria with a cozy terrace by the pool. The cafeteria is open during the opening hours of our swimming pool.

Would you like to eat out in Sint Maartenszee? These are some of the options:

  • Eat-Cafe; de Duinerij, Westerduinweg 30, St. Maartenszee
  • Snack bar Golfzang, Belkmerweg 79, St. Maartenszee, (only open in high season)
  • Pizzeria O, Sole Mio, Zeeweg 33, St. Maartensvlotbrug
  • Beach pavilion St. Maartenszee Noord, Beach entrance St. Maartenszee (open from April - October)
  • Beach pavilion St. Maartenszee South, Beach entrance St. Maartenszee
  • Snack bar and fish restaurant De Zeevis, Zeeweg 89, St. Maartenszee

The other catering in Sint Maartenszee consists of:


  • Dansen bij Franssen, Belkmerweg 83, St. Maartensvlotbrug (open all weekends and summer holidays).

 Internet cafe

  • Bar Golfzang, Belkmerweg 79, St. Maartenszee. (opened March – October)